rosbridge/rosjs communication problem (vs rostopic pub)

asked 2014-11-18 16:26:48 -0600

ears_and_tails gravatar image

Hello... It seems I am having a problem with websockets. I'm using ros indigo.

I have a webpage using the ros javascript which creates a publisher for my topic and publishes messages when I press a button. It works! The message gets published. I have a node that listens for this topic and changes its behavior based on the message it gets.

The problem is it doesn't always work.

Sometimes, the node does not respond to my button press. The node is supposed to change its state based on the message in my topic. I verified that message is being published on my topic (with rostopic echo). However, if I use rostopic pub I can reach my node with the message, as expected.

I think this means the problem lies with the rosbridge, but I'm not sure how to go further with debugging it. Also, the failure state is not easily reproduced. If/when it happens, I need to stop and restart ros in order to regain control via my button. There is no other way for the button to control the node.

It seems to me this indicates the problem is with rosbridge. Any suggestions on how to debug further or what to look for? Has anyone else noticed this?

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