Pixel relation between images (different cameras) [closed]

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I have two cameras (3D - black and white and a PTZ - RGB) in different positions.

I have identified a pixel point in PTZ and now I need to know the distance to that point. Because of that, I want to identify this pixel in the 3D camera image, which is a depthimage. I was trying to solve this problem using depth_image_proc/register but the result is not correct. It may be because of this package o because the camera model is not right.

Do you know any other way of doing that? In case the only possible solution is the above one, I will attach my camera definition and all the relevant information about the malfunctioning.

Thank you

EDIT: The problem was a parameter called hackBaseline. It was used in the gazebo model example of camera and I copied it. It is used in stereo systems (not my case). Eliminating it there is no problem at making the transformation

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