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Use PTZ controls on Axis Camera [closed]

asked 2014-10-27 16:21:01 -0500

ajain gravatar image

I have an Axis camera (AXIS M5014 PTZ) and I am using axis_camera package to get the video stream. The video stream using works perfectly fine.

Now I am trying to use node to control PTZ parameters of the camera. Firstly, there is barely any documentation on this page explaining how you can actually set the parameters for dynamic configuration. After some research I found that rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure opens a GUI for you to set parameters on different available variables. Now, only "pan" variable works, and "tilt" doesn't do anything. Are there and examples/tutorials/documentation that can help me out?

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answered 2014-10-29 13:11:31 -0500

Murilo F. M. gravatar image

The node subscribes to sensor_msgs/Joy and publishes axis_camera/Axis messages. If you have a joystick, you should be able to control the PTZ using it.

The node subscribes to the cmd topic and receives the published axis_camera/Axis in order to control the PTZ unit.

In a nutshell, if you publish axis_camera/Axis messages from your node, you should be able to control the PTZ unit. I based myself on the when I wrote my own node.

As for the dynamic reconfigure, I haven't tried that out.

I hope it helps!

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