[Openni] raw vs rect vs registered

asked 2014-10-27 03:43:46 -0600

Rabe gravatar image

Hey everyone,

I am having some trouble getting my Asus Xtion calibrated (externally) properly, either the part close to the camera or the one further away from the camera doesn't match my robot model.

This lead me to question my understanding about the 3 terms: raw, rect and registered. It would be nice of you, if you could correct me in case my understanding is wrong:

  • Raw: Sensor data as it is recieved, no post processing whatsoever
  • Rect: Any available internal calibration files are used
  • Registered: Something about factory calibration ( I have no clue what I am talking about)

Anyway, is there a recommendation per sé which image is to be used for collision detection? My sensors are about 1.5 Meters away from my robot arm, observing the workspace, which is in a range of 1 - 2.5 meters away from the sensors.

Thanks in advance,


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