Different padding for different objects?

asked 2014-10-20 06:25:29 -0600

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Hey everyone,

I have the following problem with MoveIt & DepthImageOctomapUpdater:

I have a Kinect looking at my robot-arm. For the self-detection to work properly, I need to set pretty big padding values in the sensors_rgbd.yaml. That's not ideal, but ok for me. But now the robot is standing on a table, which I also add as a collisionObject. Once it's added it gets the same high padding values. This leads to objects disappearing in the octomap, once they are placed on the table.

Is there a way to tell moveIt to only apply the generous padding to the robot and not to the collisionObjects? Also, would some of you mind explaining me the difference between padding_scale and padding_offset? I couldn't quite make reason out of the explanation in the wiki.

Thanks in advance,


 - sensor_plugin: occupancy_map_monitor/DepthImageOctomapUpdater
   image_topic: /camera_top/depth/image_raw
   queue_size: 15
   near_clipping_plane_distance: 0.65
   far_clipping_plane_distance: 2.0
   skip_vertical_pixels: 3
   skip_horizontal_pixels: 3
   shadow_threshold: 9.0
   padding_scale: 7.5
   padding_offset: 0.07
   filtered_cloud_topic: output_cloud
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