Using oculus_rviz_plugins or rviz stereo for android VR headset

asked 2014-08-07 06:30:44 -0500

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I don't have an oculus, I though I can use something like openDive or google cardboard with an android phone to create an oculus-like VR experience in RViz. In theory a quick-and-dirty solution could be done using "ROS sensors driver" android app to get IMU data for orientation tracking and send the video somehow back to the android.

I already can receive the orientation information, and I have a few ideas on sending back the video, my main problem is rendering the video in RViz, oculus_rviz_plugin does not work without an oculus connected and I don't really understand the wiki pages about stereo rendering in RViz.

My question is; how can I get an output like the one in oculus_rviz_plugin (below) without having an oculus?!? and can I get it as a published topic?!?

image description

I'm not an experienced programmer so I'd appreciate as much details as your time allows, also I know there might be lag issues in this whole VR approach but I'd like to try

Thanks in advance

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