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ROS integration with motes

asked 2014-08-02 14:06:17 -0500

vreg gravatar image

Hi, Suppose I'm running ROS on a Arduino Galileo controlled robot (since Galileo can run Linux I suppose it can run ROS)... And the Arduino platform is also connected to a ZigBee radio... How do I communicate with other such Galileo+ZigBee motes but not running ROS? Is it possible or do I have to install ROS on all the motes?

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answered 2014-08-03 03:05:29 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

The Galileo can run ROS, but I've seen a fair number of questions and problems here on the discussion boards, and the ROS Hydro on Galileo wiki page also indicates that it is "Under construction and not yet ready for use." That said, I'm sure you can get ROS to run the Galileo, but it will take some perseverance and some elbow grease.

As for communicating with other "Motes" on a ZigBee network, ROS doesn't provide many tools there. If you have a specific application and protocol in mind already, you're probably best off writing your own translation node, which would run on the ROS Galileo and translate between ROS and your ZigBee network.

There is also the rosserial_xbee package, which provides some basic ROS messaging over XBee devices. I haven't used it myself, so I'm not sure how well-polished or stable it is, or how suitable it would be for your application.

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