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Does ROS-Matlab support parallel execution?

asked 2014-07-09 11:01:28 -0500

micah.corah gravatar image

I have been testing out the ROS-Matlab package and have had some issues with subscribers, which run in the background, being starved. Matlab's "Parallel Computing Toolbox" which I do not have supports various methods for implementing parallelism such as parallel execution of "for" loops via "parfor." Unfortunately, the actual implementation of the listener is in an obfuscated ".p" file. I have found no documentation related to parallelism in ROS-Matlab.

Does anyone know anything related to parallelism in ROS-Matlab?

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answered 2022-05-23 10:32:39 -0500

bartb gravatar image

Does anyone know anything related to parallelism in ROS-Matlab?

For subscribers I found that very simple callbacks were already exhaustive for my pc, at reasonable rates (100-200hz). My applications need rather low frequencies (10-30hz) so I fixed it by ignoring some messages if they come in too quick, and I use Matlab's timer objects to schedule fixed rate publishers (which allow other components to run between calls).

Still, I have to constantly be aware that subscribers running on matlab eat significant processing power. Either I'm doing something wrong or matlab is just not so suited for complex real time operation with robotics / ROS

Does ROS-Matlab support parallel execution?

I have no Idea. All I know that matlab can be short on processing power if I don't watch it, while my system shows that there is ram/cpu available. I wish Matlab would just nom all those unused resources.

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