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pass laser scan to move_base

asked 2014-06-05 11:01:29 -0600

dreamcase gravatar image

updated 2014-06-13 12:23:36 -0600

David Lu gravatar image

Hi, all,

I am calling move_base to navigate my robot, by calling "rosrun move_base move_base _global_costmap/global_frame:=world".

move_base Diagram

But I could not find the parameter to define the laser_scan input topic and odometry topic. How do I pass these two parameters? I scan thru move_base.cpp, but cannot find any clue.

all comment appreciated! thanks


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hi, i only have done this in groovy, but take a look at, you can pass the laser scan topic as a observation_source to the costmap, which move_base is using.

pkohout gravatar image pkohout  ( 2014-06-11 04:50:29 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-06-13 12:25:28 -0600

David Lu gravatar image

I would heartily recommend using a launch file to set the parameters for move_base. There are many parameters, and trying to do it all via the command line will be too complicated. I would start with the tutorials listed here:

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