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Problems with youBot Simulation in Gazebo [closed]

asked 2014-05-21 05:35:07 -0500

Lena gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to simulate youBot in Gazebo (version 1.9.5) with ROS Hydro. After launching the youbot-arm-only.launch I can see the youBot in Gazebo (the robot is loaded without errors) . But if I try to send topics to move one arm, e.g. by ...

$rostopic pub -r 10 /arm_1/arm_controller/position_command brics_actuator/JointPositions '{positions:[{joint_uri: arm_joint_1, unit: rad, value: 200}]}' looks like the robot doesn't move, or just very very slowly...

What am I doing wrong?

Best wishes, Lena

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answered 2014-11-09 06:27:05 -0500

Haylie gravatar image

I have been having the same problem in Gazebo...the robot looks like it is constantly vibrating, but doesn't move when I apply forces to the joints.

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