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Hydro RViz crashes (Groovy not); glibc detected corrupted double-linked list

asked 2014-05-01 19:11:56 -0500

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updated 2014-05-08 10:59:41 -0500

RViz keeps crashing on one of my Precise machines on Hydro,

$ rosrun rviz rviz 
[ INFO] [1399006946.967568547]: rviz version 1.10.14
[ INFO] [1399006946.967639226]: compiled against OGRE version 1.7.4 (Cthugha)
[ INFO] [1399006947.346318548, 1099.690000000]: Stereo is NOT SUPPORTED
[ INFO] [1399006947.346408033, 1099.690000000]: OpenGl version: 4.4 (GLSL 4.4).
*** glibc detected *** /opt/ros/hydro/lib/rviz/rviz: corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000001782080 ***
Inconsistency detected by dl-open.c: 221: dl_open_worker: Assertion `_dl_debug_initialize (0, args->nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!

(here RViz stops, command returns)

On Groovy on the same machine,

$ rosrun rviz rviz 
[ INFO] [1399007035.268979690]: rviz version 1.9.35
[ INFO] [1399007035.269032342]: compiled against OGRE version 1.7.4 (Cthugha)
[ INFO] [1399007035.634235376, 1188.425000002]: OpenGl version: 4.4 (GLSL 4.4).

.deb versions:

$ dpkg -p ros-hydro-rviz | grep Vers
Version: 1.10.14-0precise-20140418-1245-+0000
$ dpkg -p ros-groovy-rviz | grep Vers
Version: 1.9.35-2precise-20140418-0941-+0000

Similar thread where OP seems to have RViz working from .deb.

Update Same error occurs with the latest source build. But on another Precise machine on Hydro, this doesn't happen. So I'm sure something, maybe in depended libraries from RViz on this machine are problematic.

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I am getting a corrupted double linked list error for imageview on a 64bit x86 running 12.10 and Hydro. rviz also crashes. Worked fine on 12.04. So me question is is the architecture the same on the different machines.

DrBot gravatar image DrBot  ( 2014-06-29 14:28:59 -0500 )edit
130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2014-08-15 04:49:39 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-09-22 20:12:39 -0500

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updated 2015-04-23 23:33:03 -0500

Thanks to the post by @Dereck, I worked around this long-persistent issue by the following (not sure what the root cause was though):

$ sudo apt-get purge ros-hydro-* && sudo apt-get autoremove
$ sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-desktop-full

Update) On another machine I saw this issue again. Strangely enough, the error doesn't happen when RViz is run with gdb.

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