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I'm having an strange problem. I have the PR2 running and I start the kinect with the predefined openni_head file. Then in my computer I launch the demo from moveit.

# server
roslaunch /etc/ros/openni_head.launch 
# computer   
roslaunch pr2_moveit_config demo.launch

After that is launched for some reason the Robotstate display appears static with some default position of the robot and the MotionPlanner display appears with the good position.

image description

I delete the *RobotState display because it's practically interfering, and then it looks good.

Now I use the PointCloud2 display with the topic /kinect_head/depth_registered/points and I get something that it's switching from one state to another. The 2 images below explain it all. The second one is the correct one.

image description

image description

One weird thing, it's that when I try to use rviz (without the demo.launch, only with the rosrun rviz rviz) and I add the PointCloud2 display and everything with the odom_combined as my fixed frame, rviz crashes every time. So now I'm only able to see these results only with the demo.launch file I said before.

I don't know what happens or why it happens. Hopefully you guys can help me with that.

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