Getting a better Point Cloud with openni2 and Xtion

asked 2014-04-14 17:21:49 -0600

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I was wondering, is there anyway to have a better Point Cloud than the one I have using openni2 and Xtion. The thing is when I use the camera and visualize the Point Cloud in Rviz, the point Cloud should far away surface such as the walls but lets say it has my face on the way, it is basically just a shadow in point cloud. I can't see any points. But still it can see because if I convert the Point Cloud to an OpenCV image, the imge is perfect.

It's really bugging me as I want the camera to be able to see objects but it doesn't seem to be able able to (especially when it's close to it) and I was wondering if they were a way of making the point cloud more accurate ?

For info, I have a calibration fail (fail to find a calibration fail) on startup.

I'll post a picture later as soon as I can take a screen shot so if you could tell me if

  • It's normal ?
  • Can I do something about it ?

That would be awesome !!

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