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Is Latching handled by the Master or Node?

asked 2014-03-07 03:48:24 -0500

unknown_entity1 gravatar image

Is Latching handled by the Master or Node?



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1 Answer

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answered 2014-03-07 04:14:46 -0500

Dirk Thomas gravatar image

Since latching must be done on a per-connection level it is done by the publishing node when a new subscriber connects to it.

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That doesn't make sense in a pub/sub model. It seems to me like the Master should be handling this in the Topic Handling rather than sending new connections to a Publisher. I assumed the Publisher didn't know anything about it, and the master (server) acted as a proxy that streamed the message to whomever subscribed to the Topic.... Any idea why?

unknown_entity1 gravatar image unknown_entity1  ( 2014-03-07 10:40:53 -0500 )edit

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