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topological_navigation USAGE

asked 2012-02-03 17:06:04 -0500

prince gravatar image

updated 2012-03-16 00:08:45 -0500

Hi I am trying to use topological navigation demo of ICRA2011 Navigation using topological maps paper on Ubuntu 10.04, ROS Diamondback (installed from repository using debs). I am able to setup code and launch as mentioned in ICRA2011 link .

I am not able to find how to move robot around or is there any usage file? Video on ICRA2011 link is pretty impressive and I believe is in rviz.

Log file can be found at link. Terminal output can be found at link.

Update 1:

I had finally able to setup stack. Current teleoperation is by using erratic_teleop package and I can move robot around. A couple of questions:

  1. I believe, in backgroup, topological mapping is happening but how do i legally stop the task. If I just terminate the launch (Ctr-C), how do I access map for reuse.
  2. There are errors on console. Some of them are:

    [ WARN] [1331911029.473383296, 31.400000000]: The base_scan observation buffer has not been updated for 0.50 seconds, and it should be updated every 0.40 seconds. [ERROR] [1331911029.634849561, 31.500000000]: You requested a transform that is 0.800 seconds in the past, but the tf buffer only has a history of 0.000 seconds. When trying to transform between /grid1 and /grid6.

    [ERROR] [1331911029.695031327, 31.600000000]: Connectivity Error: Could not find a common time /base_link and /grid6.

    [ERROR] [1331911029.695191357, 31.600000000]: TF Exception that should never happen for sensor frame: , cloud frame: base_laser_link, You requested a transform that is 0.800 seconds in the past, but the tf buffer only has a history of 0.100 seconds. When trying to transform between /base_laser_link and /grid6.

    [ WARN] [1331911095.812461695, 94.400000000]: Costmap2DROS transform timeout. Current time: 94.4000, global_pose stamp: 93.3000, tolerance: 0.8000

    [ WARN] [1331911096.016113185, 94.600000000]: The base_scan observation buffer has not been updated for 1.20 seconds, and it should be updated every 0.40 seconds.

    [ WARN] [1331911116.738728504, 114.400000000]: The origin for the sensor at (1.77, -7.73, 0.15) is out of map bounds. So, the costmap cannot raytrace for it.

Complete log is here . Any help regarding these errors will be great.


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1 Answer

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answered 2012-03-25 23:58:12 -0500

prince gravatar image

updated 2012-03-26 00:05:02 -0500

Install the stack. instructions are available at

$roscd topological_roadmap/launch

$rosrun rviz rviz

Add following configuration file :

Background\ ColorR=0
Background\ ColorG=0
Background\ ColorB=0
Fixed\ Frame=/map
Target\ Frame=/odom
Grid.Cell\ Size=1
Grid.Line\ Style=0
Grid.Line\ Width=0.03
Grid.Normal\ Cell\ Count=0
Grid.Plane\ Cell\ Count=1000
Grid.Reference\ Frame=<Fixed Frame>
Inflated\ Obstacles.Alpha=1
Inflated\ Obstacles.ColorR=0
Inflated\ Obstacles.ColorG=0
Inflated\ Obstacles.ColorB=1
Inflated\ Obstacles.Enabled=0
Inflated\ Obstacles.Topic=/move_base_node/local_costmap/inflated_obstacles
Laser\ Scan.Alpha=1
Laser\ Scan.Billboard\ Size=0.051
Laser\ Scan.Color\ Transformer=Intensity
Laser\ Scan.Decay\ Time=0
Laser\ Scan.Enabled=1
Laser\ Scan.Position\ Transformer=XYZ
Laser\ Scan.Selectable=1
Laser\ Scan.Style=1
Laser\ Scan.Topic=/base_scan
Laser\ Scan..AxisAutocompute\ Value\ Bounds=1
Laser\ Scan..AxisAxis=2
Laser\ Scan..AxisMax\ Value=10
Laser\ Scan..AxisMin\ Value=-10
Laser\ Scan..AxisUse\ Fixed\ Frame=1
Laser\ Scan..Flat\ ColorColorR=1
Laser\ Scan..Flat\ ColorColorG=1
Laser\ Scan..Flat\ ColorColorB=1
Laser\ Scan..IntensityAutocompute\ Intensity\ Bounds=1
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMax\ ColorR=0.964706
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMax\ ColorG=0.964706
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMax\ ColorB=0.0784314
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMax\ Intensity=0
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMin\ ColorR=0
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMin\ ColorG=0
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMin\ ColorB=0
Laser\ Scan..IntensityMin\ Intensity=0
Local\ GRid.Alpha=0.7
Local\ GRid.Draw\ Behind=0
Local\ GRid.Enabled=0
Local\ GRid.Topic=/local_grid
Map.Draw\ Behind=0
Obstcal\ grid\ cells.Alpha=1
Obstcal\ grid\ cells.ColorR=1
Obstcal\ grid\ cells.ColorG=0.109804
Obstcal\ grid\ cells.ColorB=0
Obstcal\ grid\ cells.Enabled=1
Obstcal\ grid\ cells.Topic=/move_base_node/local_costmap/obstacles
Robot\ Footprint.Alpha=1
Robot\ Footprint.ColorR=1
Robot\ Footprint.ColorG=0
Robot\ Footprint.ColorB=0
Robot\ Footprint.Enabled=1
Robot\ Footprint.Topic=/move_base_node/local_costmap/robot_footprint
TF.All\ Enabled=1
TF.Frame\ Timeout=15
TF.Show\ Arrows=1
TF.Show\ Axes=1
TF.Show\ Names=1
TF.Update\ Interval=0
Topological\ Markers.Enabled=1
Topological\ Markers.Marker\ Topic=visualization_marker
Topological\ Markers.constraint_graph=1
Topological\ Markers.graph_localization=1
Topological\ Markers.roadmap=1
Topological\ Markers.topological_map=0
Topological\ Markers.topological_map_edges=0
Tool\ 2D\ Nav\ GoalTopic=/move_base_simple/goal
Tool\ 2D\ Pose\ EstimateTopic=initialpose
Camera\ Type=rviz::OrbitViewController
Camera\ Config=0.131 0.577591 52.0679 3.32693 0.219778 -13.9919
Property\ Grid\ State=selection=Path2.Enabled.Path2.Color;expanded=.Global Options,TF.Enabled.TF.Tree,Topological Markers.Enabled,Topological Markers.Enabled.Topological Markers.Namespaces,Path.Enabled,Path2.Enabled;scrollpos ...
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