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Android apps build failure: dependencies error in rosjava_bootstrap

asked 2012-01-24 08:21:45 -0500

brianpen gravatar image


I'm trying to build the ROS android apps following this tutorial:

There seems to be a dependency problem in rosjava_core/rosjava_bootstrap that I haven't been able to figure out. I've tried reverting to a previous revision (January 13th revision), but that doesn't seem to help.

The exact error is:

  rosrun rosjava_bootstrap rosjava_bootstrap
  Buildfile: /home/hcmi/ros/ros-android/rosjava_core/rosjava_bootstrap/dependencies.xml
  [artifact:dependencies] There were no dependencies specified
  [artifact:dependencies] There were no dependencies specified
  [artifact:dependencies] There were no dependencies specified

  /home/hcmi/ros/ros-android/rosjava_core/rosjava_bootstrap/build.xml:5: Problem: failed to create task or type include
  Cause: The name is undefined.

and here's the whole messy build log

$ rosmake android_app_chooser --threads=1[ rosmake ] Packages requested are: ['android_app_chooser']                     
[ rosmake ] Logging to directory/home/hcmi/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20120124-150744
[ rosmake ] Expanded args ['android_app_chooser'] to:
[ rosmake ] Checking rosdeps compliance for packages android_app_chooser.  This may take a few seconds.
[ rosmake ] rosdep check failed to find system dependencies: ant                
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> roslib [ make ]                                        
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< roslib ROS_NOBUILD in package roslib                   
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosclean [ make ]                                      
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosclean ROS_NOBUILD in package rosclean               
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosgraph [ make ]                                      
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosgraph ROS_NOBUILD in package rosgraph               
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> std_msgs [ make ]                                      
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< std_msgs ROS_NOBUILD in package std_msgs               
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosgraph_msgs [ make ]                                 
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosgraph_msgs ROS_NOBUILD in package rosgraph_msgs     
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosparam [ make ]                                      
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosparam ROS_NOBUILD in package rosparam               
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosbuild [ make ]                                      
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosbuild ROS_NOBUILD in package rosbuild
 No Makefile in package rosbuild
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> roslang [ make ]                                       
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< roslang ROS_NOBUILD in package roslang
 No Makefile in package roslang
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rospy [ make ]                                         
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rospy ROS_NOBUILD in package rospy                     
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosmaster [ make ]                                     
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosmaster ROS_NOBUILD in package rosmaster             
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> cpp_common [ make ]                                    
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< cpp_common ROS_NOBUILD in package cpp_common           
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> roscpp_traits [ make ]                                 
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< roscpp_traits ROS_NOBUILD in package roscpp_traits     
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rostime [ make ]                                       
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rostime ROS_NOBUILD in package rostime                 
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> roscpp_serialization [ make ]                          
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< roscpp_serialization ROS_NOBUILD in package roscpp_serialization
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> xmlrpcpp [ make ]                                      
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< xmlrpcpp ROS_NOBUILD in package xmlrpcpp               
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosconsole [ make ]                                    
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosconsole ROS_NOBUILD in package rosconsole           
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> roscpp [ make ]                                        
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< roscpp ROS_NOBUILD in package roscpp                   
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosout [ make ]                                        
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosout ROS_NOBUILD in package rosout                   
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> roslaunch [ make ]                                     
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< roslaunch ROS_NOBUILD in package roslaunch
 No Makefile in package roslaunch
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosunit [ make ]                                       
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosunit ROS_NOBUILD in package rosunit                 
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rostest [ make ]                                       
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rostest ROS_NOBUILD in package rostest                 
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> app_manager [ make ]                                   
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< app_manager ROS_NOBUILD in package app_manager         
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> turtlebot_driver [ make ]                              
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< turtlebot_driver [PASS] [ 1.94 seconds ]               
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> topic_tools [ make ]                                   
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< topic_tools ROS_NOBUILD in package topic_tools         
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosbag [ make ]                                        
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosbag ROS_NOBUILD in package rosbag                   
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> rosbagmigration [ make ]                               
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< rosbagmigration ROS_NOBUILD in package rosbagmigration
 No Makefile in package rosbagmigration
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> geometry_msgs [ make ]                                 
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< geometry_msgs ROS_NOBUILD in package geometry_msgs     
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> sensor_msgs [ make ]                                   
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< sensor_msgs ROS_NOBUILD in ...
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This appears to be related to this issue:, but is different enough that I thought I posted my own question so people googling the error message will find it.
brianpen gravatar image brianpen  ( 2012-01-24 08:24:36 -0500 )edit
I had the same problem and it was fixed the same way. The error message is not indicative of the problem at all. Perhaps this could be an added feature for the developers.
Shanker gravatar image Shanker  ( 2012-01-24 18:23:33 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2012-01-24 08:49:39 -0500

brianpen gravatar image

Naturally I figure out the answer right after finally posting to ROS answers... Hopefully someone else finds this useful.

Solution: another package downgraded my ant version to 1.7 instead of 1.8. I reinstalled 1.8 and the build is working again.

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Please mark this answer as accepted.
damonkohler gravatar image damonkohler  ( 2012-01-25 13:15:29 -0500 )edit
It won't let me accept/unaccept my own answer :(
brianpen gravatar image brianpen  ( 2012-01-26 03:22:26 -0500 )edit
Note: the package is eclipse on ubuntu 10.04. So... beware if you're following the rosjava tutorials.
brianpen gravatar image brianpen  ( 2012-01-26 03:23:40 -0500 )edit

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