How can I migrate the camera_pose stack to hydro? [closed]

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My main goal is to get a 2 Kinect setup on the same scene using Hydro.

I think my best option for doing this is the use the camera_pose stack. However it has not been migrated to hydro and it looks like it was not stable in Groovy. It looks like jbohren's fork was the most stable in Groovy.

There looks like there are two main hurdles in front of me:

  1. Converting camera_pose over into catkin from rosbuild (which I have never done before)

  2. Updating camera_pose to work with the hydro version of the KDL package (now orocos_kdl and python_orocos_kdl)

The two KDL packages were available from synaptic to install. How can I tell if I need to update the source code from camera_pose to work with the new kdl packages?

There seems to be too many unknowns for me to start this blind, so I was hoping to get some advice before starting. If you do take pity on me and give me some advice, please be as specific as possible because I'm relatively new to this.


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