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Eigen Conversion invalid matrix template parameters

asked 2012-01-08 03:00:48 -0500

phil0stine gravatar image

updated 2012-01-10 11:45:38 -0500

I am trying to run the Darpa Arm Robot in electric, has anybody else tried this?

The install instructions are given only for cturtle, but from a bit more reading I believed that the incompatibility with diamondback and electric had to do with converting from eigen2->eigen3.

After a few code changes, I have got all but one package to build, BarrettCompat.

Has anybody else run into this sort of error?

In file included from /usr/include/eigen3/Eigen/Core:299:0,
                 from /home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/include/barrett/systems/../systems/../math/matrix.h:22,
                 from /home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/include/barrett/systems/../systems/../units.h:123,
                 from /home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/include/barrett/systems/../systems/wam_specs.h:4,
                 from /home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/include/barrett/systems/exposed_output.h:39,
                 from /home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/src/barrett/ExposedOutput-specializations.cpp:1:
/usr/include/eigen3/Eigen/src/Core/PlainObjectBase.h: In static member function ‘static void Eigen::PlainObjectBase<Derived>::_check_template_params() [with Derived = Eigen::Matrix<double, 7, 1, 1, 7, 1>]’:
/usr/include/eigen3/Eigen/src/Core/Matrix.h:304:7:   instantiated from ‘Eigen::Matrix<_Scalar, _Rows, _Cols, _Options, _MaxRows, _MaxCols>::Matrix(const Eigen::Matrix<_Scalar, _Rows, _Cols, _Options, _MaxRows, _MaxCols>&) [with _Scalar = double, int _Rows = 7, int _Cols = 1, int _Options = 1, int _MaxRows = 7, int _MaxCols = 1, Eigen::Matrix<_Scalar, _Rows, _Cols, _Options, _MaxRows, _MaxCols> = Eigen::Matrix<double, 7, 1, 1, 7, 1>]’
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/build'
/home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/include/barrett/systems/../systems/../math/detail/matrix-inl.h:145:23:   instantiated from ‘barrett::math::Matrix<R, C, Units>::Matrix(const barrett::math::Matrix<R, C, Units>&) [with int R = 7, int C = 1, Units = barrett::units::JointPositions<7>, barrett::math::Matrix<R, C, Units> = barrett::math::Matrix<7, 1, barrett::units::JointPositions<7> >]’
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/build'
/home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/src/barrett/ExposedOutput-specializations.cpp:12:53:   instantiated from here
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/phil/devel/arm_simulator/stacks/darpa_arm_sim_servers/BarrettCompat/build'
/usr/include/eigen3/Eigen/src/Core/PlainObjectBase.h:615:7: error: ‘INVALID_MATRIX_TEMPLATE_PARAMETERS’ is not a member of ‘Eigen::internal::static_assertion<false>’
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quick google on the error yields:
hsu gravatar image hsu  ( 2012-01-17 06:40:30 -0500 )edit
yep, thanks... note the author date/time ;-)
phil0stine gravatar image phil0stine  ( 2012-01-17 10:05:23 -0500 )edit

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answered 2012-01-09 07:03:28 -0500

phil0stine gravatar image

updated 2012-01-09 23:33:27 -0500

The compilation errors mentioned were solved here

The Dashboard UI runs, but there are still errors running the controllers and loading robot models into gazebo.

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marking question as answered as it appears you have found your solution for the Eigen errors posted in the original post
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2012-01-10 04:23:54 -0500 )edit
That's fair, although I should really ask separate questions, one relating to the Eigen conversion and a larger question about an up-to-date darpa arm sim stack.
phil0stine gravatar image phil0stine  ( 2012-01-10 11:43:12 -0500 )edit

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