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tabletop_segmentation fails (eigen error)

asked 2011-06-29 03:01:26 -0500

GuiHome gravatar image


using the customized object manipulation stack for sr_hand, with diamondback packages openni, household_object_database, tabletop_object_detector, object_manipulation, I ran into this error when asking to detect an object :

tabletop_segmentation: /opt/ros/diamondback/stacks/ geometry/eigen/include/Eigen/ src/Core/DenseStorage.h:69: Eigen::internal::plain_array< T, Size, MatrixOrArrayOptions, 16>::plain_array() [with T = float, int Size = 4, int MatrixOrArrayOptions = 0]: Assertion `(reinterpret_cast<size_t>( array) & 0xf) == 0 && "this assertion is explained here: " " dox/UnalignedArrayAssert.html" " * READ THIS WEB PAGE !!! ***"' failed. Not sure this is duplicate of "eigen-package-error-while-running-tod_detecting"

What should I do to get rid of this error ?

best regards, Guillaume WALCK

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-07-02 13:20:25 -0500

Nutan gravatar image

HI, Because that package is for 64 bit system, so you should change some commands. Change them to this stype

pcl::PointCloud<point>::ConstPtr table_projected_ptr (new pcl::PointCloud<point>(table_projected));

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Indeed, I am running a 32bit Ubuntu. Thanks a lot, appears it was the reason it failed. I changed several such lines in tabletop_segmentation.cpp and I have no more issues. As soon as I get a 64bit version I will test again and come back if the changes are also required on 64bits.
GuiHome gravatar image GuiHome  ( 2011-07-04 00:10:41 -0500 )edit

answered 2011-10-14 08:50:52 -0500

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Hello, I have the same problem but I'm not sure what commands should I change in order to make it run in Ubuntu 32bit. Could you give me more details.

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ex : pcl::PointCloud<Point>::ConstPtr table_projected_ptr = boost::make_shared<const pcl::PointCloud<Point>> (table_projected); should be pcl::PointCloud<point>::ConstPtr table_projected_ptr(new pcl::PointCloud<point>(table_projected)); Do this for all (4 or 5) the *_ptr using boost::make_shared
GuiHome gravatar image GuiHome  ( 2011-10-21 07:12:44 -0500 )edit

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