pcl_visualization dependency on libtiff in Oneiric [closed]

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Good day,

i'm having an issue with building pcl_visualization from perception_pcl_addons on 11.10 Oneiric. The libtiff dependency can not be resolved. Oneiric seems to use libtiff4, but i haven't had much luck with getting it to work either. Suppose i'm still doing something wrong. This is what comes back when trying rosdep install pcl_visualization, with similar errors during make or rosmake.

root@dehann-ubuntu-laptop:/opt/ros/electric/stacks/perception_pcl_addons/pcl_visualization# rosdep install pcl_visualization Failed to find rosdep libtiff for package pcl_visualization on OS:ubuntu version:oneiric rosdep install ERROR: failed to install libtiff

Any ideas please? Thank you.

Regards, d

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