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Remap client name for dynamic reconfigure

asked 2014-01-04 21:58:52 -0500

bit-pirate gravatar image

For setting up a dynamic reconfigure client I need to specify the name of the node I like to reconfigure, e.g. in Python:

self._client = dynamic_reconfigure.client.Client(some_node_name)

Now, I'd like to remap some_node_name in my roslaunch file to make it easy to use in different contexts, e.g.

  <node pkg="my_package" type="" name="my_node" >
    <remap from="some_node_name" to="special_node_name"/>

However, this doesn't work. So far I only managed to modify some_node_name via parameters.

Is there a way to remap the node name of the dynamic reconfigure client?

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answered 2018-09-19 12:10:52 -0500

jonlwowski012 gravatar image

I had to do this via a param not a remap.

Here is how I did it.

launch file

       <node name="pickable_object_detector" pkg="tensorflow_ros_tanooki" type="" output="screen"> 
          <param name="recfg_name" value="$(arg recfg_remap)"/>

python node

recfg_name = rospy.get_param('~recfg_name')
client = dynamic_reconfigure.client.Client(recfg_name, timeout=30)
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