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Teleoperationg a Turtlebot without a wireless joystick

asked 2011-09-16 05:06:15 -0500

lucascoelho gravatar image

Does anyone knows a way to teleoperate a turtlebot through a joystick plugged on the workstation? I don't have a wireless joystick...

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1 Answer

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answered 2011-09-16 06:49:00 -0500

DimitriProsser gravatar image

If you take a look here and set up the roscore to run on the workstation and point the TurtleBot's ROS_MASTER_URI to the workstation, you can run the joy node and your teleop node on the workstation and the TurtleBot will receive those commands. Be careful, however, because I've seen significant lag while teleoping over the network, but it will work.

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Do you know how to use a normal joystick to control a turtlebot based kobuki?I have some trouble with it . I refer to this website:

Jie Sky gravatar image Jie Sky  ( 2014-11-25 22:36:28 -0500 )edit

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