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ROSserial can't find clock_gettime

asked 2013-11-14 08:41:35 -0500

anonymous user


Hi All,

I have been trying to compile the rosserial example "HelloROS" for embedded linux, but to no avail.

There are undefined references to "clock_gettime" however i have found the prototypes in time.h - here they are defined as extern's.

extern int clock_gettime (clockid_t __clock_id, struct timespec *__tp) __THROW;

I believe the time library is linking, it has been included in EmbeddedLinuxHardware.h.

Do I have to write the clock_gettime function myself?


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answered 2013-11-15 00:21:59 -0500

Depending on your setup, clock_gettime may be in libc, or it may be in librt.

Try adding -lrt as a link flag and see if that clears things up.

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