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figured out an approach through which I could shutdown and launch move_base depending on map transitions.

Although i wanted to relaod costmaps for a new map published, this does the same. Used the ROS launch API and restructured the usage for my requirement with a move_base launch.

I'll post a basic overlay of usage here.

import roslaunch
import rospy

rospy.init_node('en_Mapping', anonymous=True)
uuid = roslaunch.rlutil.get_or_generate_uuid(None, False)
launch = roslaunch.parent.ROSLaunchParent(uuid, ["/home/haier/catkin_ws/src/testapi/launch/test_node.launch"])

# 3 seconds later

The uuid can't be used again once launch.shutdown() is initiated. So for a procedural relaunch, this has to be adjusted.