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I assume that you're using iiwa_stack. We had this kind of error frequently, but from what I remember it was always due to some issue with our network settings. Try this:

1) Check the environment variables 'ROS_HOSTNAME' and 'ROS_MASTER_URI'. If you only use one machine, 'ROS_IP' may be used instead of 'ROS_HOSTNAME'.

2) If you use 'ROS_HOSTNAME', make sure your machine and the controller have an entry in '/etc/hosts', and '/etc/hostname' matches.

3) Check the network settings in the KUKA Sunrise Workbench. Does the IP match your machine?

4) Any firewalls? Do you have the right network selected? Are all the cables in the right places?

In general, do a sanity check on all the network connections and settings, and try to ask people with a good grasp on networking. That's the most likely cause of the error.