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Thank you for your quick responses.

I am trying to extend the OMPL project: The problem when accesing the svn repositories for this package is that I cannot find the source code I am looking for. I have been browsing through the SVNs repos of this project, and I could not find my self in the code.

So, the best choice is to go directly to the main site of the project: There you can get it itself, with IDE and all... So, I will try this one. Then, if I success, I will try to export to ROS.

Once again, thank you. Your posts have been very helpfull to get a global picture of ROS.

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If you install rosinstall you can then use the roslocate tool. To get the source link for a given package or stack, all you would have to do then is something like

roslocate uri <package_or_stack_name>

and it will output the full URI to the source repository for that package or stack.

Note that the code probably won't be very useful to you unless you have a working ROS installation.

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Which project do you mean? ROS is a combination of different repositories each hosting their packages (Repository list) you can get an introduction here and its concepts

The core packages can be found in the willow garage repository and on the Ros code site:

You can look at the get involved site.

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Is it posible to download the source code of the project?

I am trying to extend it.