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2014-04-17 06:47:52 -0500 commented answer catkin_add_gtest usage

Thanks, I created a pull request =)

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great thank you!

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Hello everyone, turtlebot-description package has a CMakeLists as below:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.3)

find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS urdf xacro)

   CATKIN_DEPENDS urdf xacro

install(DIRECTORY robots
install(DIRECTORY meshes
install(DIRECTORY test
install(DIRECTORY urdf

catkin_add_gtest(${PROJECT_NAME}_test_urdf test/test_urdf.cpp)

During the build, I get an error message as below:

| CMake Error at /media/Build/next/build/tmp/sysroots/duovero/usr/share/catkin/cmake/test/tests.cmake:17 (message):
|   catkin_add_gtest() is not available when tests are not enabled.  The CMake
|   code should only use it inside a conditional block which checks that
|   testing is enabled:
|     catkin_add_gtest(...)
|   endif()

It's obvious that the unit test should be only called when testing is enabled. However, the last commit on this code was 7 months ago. I am sure some would have caught the error by now. So I began looking for the correct use case for this macro, and the ROS doc doesn't mention much about it. Can someone verify that it indeed needs to check whether testing is enabled?

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2013-01-28 05:52:07 -0500 answered a question ROS on gumstix for on-board processing

I spent some time a year and half ago working on a vision system using an Overo. I was using a pretty outdated ROS release (I think it was cturtle), but it was able to capture images using OpenCV API and transfer the files over wifi to a ground node. All that was done while ROS was doing flight control of the aerial vehicle, which was not small operation by any means. Strictly speaking, it wasn't real time control. When the system is loaded and the air space was busy with other wireless devices, I experienced ~300ms delay.

2013-01-26 11:48:30 -0500 commented answer compile turtlebot in groovy on gumstix

Ah I see. No I haven't played with the turtlebot stack on a Gumstix yet. There are no binaries available for ARM yet, so for now I think we need to compile ourselves.

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As long as all packages I built in the guide can be built with catkin, it should be fine. I just didn't want to take chances as we are in the transition period. Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out how to best use ROS. Can u elabroate what didnt work?

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2013-01-07 11:28:15 -0500 answered a question compile turtlebot in groovy on gumstix

Hi there, have you looked at page? My credential doesn't allow me to post the direct link to it here, but look for "ROS on Turtlecore". The wiki contains an image of Linaro (Ubuntu) running December build of ROS Groovy. It also contains the steps to reproduce the image. There are probably different ways to compile ROS on an Overo, but doing a native seems most simplistic (although it takes time).

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