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package:// Usage

asked 2011-04-26 10:43:08 -0500

David Lu gravatar image

updated 2011-09-03 15:26:58 -0500

kwc gravatar image

I vaguely recall being able to use package:// to access files in packages, but I can't find the documentation and it turns out to be the kind of thing that is impossible to search for.

Can you actually access files in this manner? Is there a Wiki page about how to do it?

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3 Answers

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answered 2011-04-26 16:28:30 -0500

I think you're looking for this wiki page.

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That's what I was looking for! But alas, it's only for C++, so I made a Python version.
David Lu gravatar image David Lu  ( 2011-05-12 05:39:06 -0500 )edit

answered 2011-04-26 16:23:59 -0500

joq gravatar image

Not a general answer, but camera_info_manager supports that syntax for accessing camera calibration files. I suppose other packages do, too.

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answered 2011-04-26 21:02:20 -0500

You can also use the "package://" syntax in URDF files, where a filename is required.

For example, the file


contains the line:

<mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/tilting_laser_v0/tilting_hokuyo.dae" />

This also works for the texture tag, which also needs a filename. I guess that internally, the resource_retriever package mentioned by Patrick is used. However, I cannot find any documentation on this.

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