External HD RGB + Kinect Depth Camera Calibration [closed]

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Dear Sir,

              Hello, I am interested with researching in Kinect Depth Camera + RGB HD Camera Calibration which able to allow me continue my researching study  and developing . I was a Software Engineering student in Malaysia and current i am taking my Master study in Computer Vision at Dongseo University, South Korea. 

     I have some problem in understanding some algorithm and step from your website  guide. Wish to get your advise and help here.

The following is the image i had capture and information of Intrinsic camera.

My 1st camera is HD RGB camera and my second camera is IR Camera.

A HD cam is place on top on IR camera.

Step 1 ~ Capture 30 Chess box Frame of Both Camera , Collect Point and Calculate
Stereo Camera Relationship Step 2 ~ Stereo Calibration

Step 3 ~ Stereo Rectify

Step 4 ~ both Camera Intrinsi InitUndistortMap

Step 5 ~ Get & save Extrinsix and Intrinsic Value of both camera

Step 5 ~ Crop out both camera Frame from InitUndistortMap output matrix

I am not pretty sure my step is correct or not? and i was plan to do HD Point cloud mapping. and not pretty sure how to map pixels between both frame. Wish to get some guide and some advise from you. Bellow is some information i gather in the Skydrive albums. Really hope can get some advise and help from u. Thanks Yeouf Tan has a file to share with you on SkyDrive. To view it, click the link below. Image and Camera Information.zip


Warmest Regards.

============END MESSAGE===============

Yeouf Tan Yung Fu (ゆんふ/ 진용복)

Master of Image Content with Computer Vision, Dongseo University, Korea Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) ( Software Engineering), Multimedia University, Malaysia

Email : yungfu88@hotmail.com / yungfu88@gmail.com

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