How to transform laser scans and IMU data to the format of an LIBSVM package? [closed]

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I would like to use my laser scans and IMU data of the bag file to perform some ML classification using SVM such as LIBSVM with MatLab. So I have extracted some parameters(such as liner velocity, distance to some obstacle, time, travelled distance, standard deviation of the orientation and velocity)from laser scans and IMU performing Hector Mapping. So I would like to use that parameter do to some classification with SVM Techniques using LIBSVM interface for MatLAB. But I dont know to how to transform that extracted parameters from laser scans and IMU to the format of an LIBSVM/MatLAb package . I found the ml_classifiers package here in ROS but not familiar with that. Is there any other tools or some documentation regarding this problem?


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