Remote Roslaunch Failure [closed]

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Here's my launch file:

    <machine name="mal" address="mal" />
    <node name="talker" pkg="rospy_tutorials" type="" machine="mal" />

Here's the output.

started roslaunch server http://harris1:34739/
remote[mal-0] starting roslaunch
remote[mal-0]: creating ssh connection to mal:22
remote[mal-0]: ssh connection created
[mal-0] process has died
remote roslaunch failed to launch: mal

Full log file available here

This is running electric on the core machine (harris1, a PR2) over the PR2's wireless. Mal is running both diamondback and electric. An equivalent result is obtained when ros-root and ros-package-path are set.

<machine name="mal" address="mal" ros-root="/opt/ros/electric/ros/" ros-package-path="/home/dlu/wu-robotics:/opt/ros/electric/stacks" />

Why does the remote roslaunch fail to launch

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Do the log files show something interesting?

Lorenz gravatar image Lorenz  ( 2012-07-18 21:21:19 -0500 )edit

On line 33, the process dies, which is where the log diverges from successful logs.

David Lu gravatar image David Lu  ( 2012-07-19 07:12:17 -0500 )edit