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Hi, I am trying to compile new (catkinized) rosjava_core under OS X, this is what I did:

-installed barebone verison of ROS. -"git cloned" these (obviously) dependencies for rosjava:

..and added them into $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH


cd rosjava_core
./gradlew clean build

But this throws 15 errors (in one file) similar to these:

:rosjava_bootstrap:processResources UP-TO-DATE
 /Users/j/workspace/ros/test_ws/rosjava_core/rosjava_messages/build/generated-src/test_ros/ <identifier> expected
  test_ros.;lkjasdfl;k getL;kajdf;lkasjdff();
/Users/j/workspace/ros/test_ws/rosjava_core/rosjava_messages/build/generated-src/test_ros/ = expected
  test_ros.;lkjasdfl;k getL;kajdf;lkasjdff();

..all caused by Bad.msg which is located under genmsg/test/files/test_ros/msg

If I understand it correclty, Bad.msg is supposed to test case of bad formatting of a message. But when rosjava_core tries to compile this badly formatted message, it fails and generates this java interface called rosjava_messages/build/generated-src/test_ros/ containing:

package test_ros;

public interface Bad extends org.ros.internal.message.Message {
  static final java.lang.String _TYPE = "test_ros/Bad";
  static final java.lang.String _DEFINITION = ";lkjasdfl;k l;kajdf;lkasjdff\n";
  test_ros.;lkjasdfl;k getL;kajdf;lkasjdff();
  void setL;kajdf;lkasjdff(test_ros.;lkjasdfl;k value);

Note: when I removed Bad.msg and tried to compile again, it threw another bunch of errors based on NonExistent message:

/Users/j/workspace/ros/test_ws/rosjava_core/rosjava_messages/build/generated-src/invalid/ cannot find symbol
symbol  : class NonExistent
location: package std_msgs
  std_msgs.NonExistent getData();

Rosjava compilation fails on this, so I am not sure how to solve this, or whether it is a bug or not. Thank you very much for any ideas. Jarda

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