Nao bottom camera image_raw problems [closed]

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Hello there,

I am unable to receive data from the Nao's bottom camera through ROS and Webots. I have tried using all Webots versions from 7.2.1 back to version 6.4.4. The top camera works consistently across all these versions. I subscribe to image_raw using the driver and attempt to use rostopic echo on said topic, which returns no data when using the Nao's bottom camera.

I sent a message to the Cyberbotics team on Friday detailing this issue but have yet to hear back.

By default, the publishes image data for the top camera. By editing the first line below, I was hoping to access the bottom camera:

self.camera_switch = rospy.get_param('~camera_switch', 0)
    if self.camera_switch == 0:
        self.frame_id = "/CameraTop_frame"
    elif self.camera_switch == 1:
        self.frame_id = "/CameraBottom_frame"
        rospy.logerr('Invalid camera_switch. Must be 0 or 1')

I edit the line "self.camera_switch = rospy.get_param('~camera_switch', 0)" and change the last '0' to a '1' to access the bottom camera.

Our team thinks it is either an issue with Webots/ROS, or perhaps we are trying to access the bottom camera in the wrong way?

Any advice please?

Thanks, Dominic.

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