Trouble while launching turtlebot_simulator [closed]

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I want to use turtlebot_simulator in Gazebo, but I have troubles while launching it. I was able to download and compile it from the source but it uses dynamic xml macro (xacro). Moreover, it seems that the file is outdated and sends an older sdf version to the master. I'm using ROS Groovy as distro. I've tried the following command:

roslaunch turtlebot_simulator turtlebot_empty_world.launch

And I've received these errors:

Warning [] No <sdf> element in file[data-string]
Error [] XML Element[sensor:contact], child of element[link] not defined in SDF. Ignoring.[link]
Error [] Error reading element <link>
Error [] Error reading element <model>
Error [] Unable to read element <sdf>
Error [] parse as old deprecated model file failed.
Error [] Unable to read sdf string[<!-- =================================================================================== --><!-- |    This document was autogenerated by xacro from /opt/ros/groovy/stacks/turtlebot/turtlebot_description/robots/kobuki_hexagons_kinect.urdf.xacro | --><!-- |    EDITING THIS FILE BY HAND IS NOT RECOMMENDED                                 | --><!-- =================================================================================== --><!--
    - Base      : kobuki
    - Stacks    : hexagons
    - 3d Sensor : kinect
--><robot xmlns:controller="" xmlns:interface="" xmlns:sensor="" xmlns:xacro="" name="mobile_base">


What can I do? Any help will be greately appreciated.

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I have the same problem. Any idea? Thanks ! !

Jose Luis gravatar image Jose Luis  ( 2013-11-12 23:16:20 -0600 )edit