How to: Install and Uninstall pckg: pcl ros grooy from here. [closed]

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Hi all and before all, thanks for your time. Presently I am using Ubuntu 12.10 and ros groovy (installed by sudo apt-get ~~~~) I already uninstall and install Nite ( the old one ).

My Kinect is working, but not the openni_tracking things. ( error: Find user generator failed: Can't create any node of the requested type!) Well.. that's not the point it is to show you where I am.

I want to do some 3D recognition with the Kinect. For that, I find that using the 3D recognition tutorial form pcl was a good solution. But it only work with the experimental standalone PCL not with the ROS-groovy one.

So, I find that thing here: kalectro/pcl_groovy and here: kalectro/object_recognition on git

But, the fact is I am starting with ROS and I don't really understand how to uninstall and install a package from git. I tried to rename the pcl folders in opt/groovy/share and in opt/groovy/include and to git clone the pckg, but after that, a rosmake or a catkin_make didn't worked.

I guess that I am not doing it by the right way =/

That my first question here, I tried and tried many times to do that and have already seek a lot about the Kinect and ROS.

Sorry for if my sentences are not really good =o I still have a lot of thing to learn in english too :)

Hope that you could help me~ Thanks !

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