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Minimal distance to an obstacle using pointcluds

asked 2013-06-27 19:26:35 -0600

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I would like know the minimal distance from the robot platform to some obstacle. I have laser, Kinect and IMU as well but would like to use the Kinect. I think PCL library is good start as I dont need any transform of depth images. But Im absolute beginners in this and need some help to start. So I need to install PCL library, yes?? Thank have to find the point in the point clouds with the maximal or minimal values that correspond to the furthest and closest point the object , yes?? Than how to calculate the distance between that point and the robot platform?? Any help??


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1 Answer

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answered 2014-03-06 02:48:45 -0600

aswin gravatar image

updated 2014-03-06 02:49:28 -0600

You can use openni_launch package for obtaining the kinect pointcloud. Then write a node that subscribes to the topic with a callback pcl::PointCloud < pcl::PointXYZ>. ROS will do the conversion for you. Then just access the Z values to get your minimal distance. One of the ways to implement this is shown here

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