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how to use bullet in hydro?

asked 2013-06-06 18:15:45 -0600

Kei Okada gravatar image

Hi, I have a package that depends on bullet and try to compile on hydro, however I couldn't find ros-hydro-bullet nor bullet key in rosdistro/hydro/release.yaml.

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answered 2013-09-29 21:09:44 -0600

Thomas gravatar image

Bullet is now a system dependency and is registered in rosdep as such. If you look at rosdep/base.yaml you can see there is a key for bullet.

Here is the commit adapting vision_visp to Hydro (removing the ROS dependency and detecting Bullet with pkg-config instead).

Chances are that you will probably need an equivalent commit to adapt your own software to Hydro.

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Asked: 2013-06-06 18:15:45 -0600

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