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Point Feature Histograms Calculation.

asked 2013-04-02 14:15:40 -0500

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To compute a single PFH representation from a k-neighborhood, we use:

computePointPFHSignature (const pcl::PointCloud<PointInT> &cloud,
                          const pcl::PointCloud<PointNT> &normals,
                          const std::vector<int> &indices,
                          int nr_split,
                          Eigen::VectorXf &pfh_histogram);

How can I calculate vector indices which represents the set of k-nearest neighbors from cloud?

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answered 2013-04-03 02:57:18 -0500

You might consider using the PFHEstimation class, as it already handles this for you. See the PCL tutorial here for more details.

If you want to do the search manually, you'll want to use the kdtree class for that, as shown in this tutorial:

int K = 10;
std::vector<int> KNNidx(K);
std::vector<float> KNNdist(K);
pcl::KdTreeFLANN<pcl::PointXYZ> kdtree;
for (int idx=0; idx<cloud.size(); ++idx) {
  kdtree.nearestKSearch(cloud, idx, K, KNNidx, KNNdist);
  computePointPFHSignature(cloud, normals, KNNidx, nr_split, pfh_hist); something with pfh_hist...
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