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I have a Smach state machine that communicates with a QT app via ROS middleware to display a dynamic GUI based on what the Smach state passes to the GUI. Video and Audio is used with the help of the Phonon libraries , however , each time I start up the ubuntu virtual machine that has this setup on it, Video, Sound and images cannot be displayed until I 'make' the project again. I have tried on a dedicated ubuntu machine as I thought virtualbox may be causing some issues, but the issue remains. When I 'make' the project again the video , sound and images instantly show up on the GUI.

I am using the QT libraries along with ROS electric but it is created into one project and compiled using cmake.

Does anyone have any idea why the project would need to be made each time the machine is turned on? Is there a possibility that certain libs are not being linked properly until the project is re made?

Any help is appreciated.



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