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Last fall I was using the ar_recog package with nolan3d to do AR tag recognition and following (using fuerte on Ubuntu 12.04). Recently I tried to re-install that package with groovy and found out that cv_bridge had been updated and the CvBridge.h file that ar_recog is looking for does not exist. Today I found out that ar_pose also will not complete a rosmake due to a dependency on CvBridge.h. I understand the need to update cv_bridge, my question is, has anyone gone back to change the AR tag packages to make them run with the new version of cv_bridge?

I looked into it a little and it seems like the fix would be non-trivial to change the software from using IplImage* as the data format to cv::Mat. This page has information about the change that was made in cv_bridge, and this page has the code for ar_recog.cpp.

Anyway, if anyone is currently working around this issue or has suggestions for another package that will help with tag recognition and pose and works with the current cv_bridge package please reply.

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