Unable to control arm with CartesianPoseController [closed]

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Sorry for cross-posting this.

I have a 7DOF Schunk LWA-3 model in Gazebo 1.4 which I can control with robot_mechanism_controllers/CartesianWrenchController without problems. However CartesianPoseController doesn't work at all. I can see that the pose_controller/state/error is changing when I set new pose_controller/command, but nothing moves, pose_controller/state/pose remains same.

I was thinking that there is something missed in my SDF-file, e.g. <transmission>, but then how does wrench controller work without it? Although I tried to add transmission, it makes no effect. Even with explicitly wrong settings set it doesn't complain.

Any thoughts on this?

EDIT: The passage about SDF is wrong, please ignore it. SDF is not supported in robot_description. The confusion came from the lack of proper interface between Groovy and new Gazebo. Eventually I'm loading URDF in ROS and SDF in Gazebo. The models are suppose to be identical and all <transmission> descriptions are in URDF.

However the problem persists.

EDIT #2: There is some sort of workaround. Just use a JTCartesianController instead. However it shouldn't be treated as a general solution because it demands at least (?) 7-DOF arm.



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