Unable to launch robot_mechanism_controller with xacro [closed]

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I have created my own URDF model of a WSG 50 gripper, part of a driver stack for this gripper that soon will be available for all the ROS community, both in real and simulated version. I used two robot_mechanism_controllers to control each finger articulations and it works fine.

However, I want to be able to use my new gripper in other robots/components, so I make a xacro file basing on my URDF. I try to execute it and it appears as I expect in Gazebo, but it get blocked when it says "Starting to spin physics dynamic reconfigure node..." and the controller never be initialized.

I obtained manually the URDF for the new xacro file and it is coherent (I attached to a cylinder, named base_link, and I changed the old wsg_50 base link by wsg_50_base_link). This is the output:

robot name is: wsg_50
---------- Successfully Parsed XML --------------- 
root Link: base_link has 1 child(ren)
    child(1):  wsg_50_base_link
        child(1):  gripper_left
             child(1):  finger_left
        child(2):  gripper_right
             child(1):  finger_right

However, when I launch in Gazebo (both in the urdf and in the xacro, so I not know if it is normal) I only see the base_link and the gripper left/right.

Can anyone help me?

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