Multiple machine roslaunch: auto detect [closed]

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I fear the answer is going to be: write your own node to do that.

I find I want to achieve a couple things:

  • have a standard launch file deployed on all vehicles to bring up vehicle-specific nodes, this being called by the highest launch file
  • have a general launch file on the core to bring up everything, including vehicles when they are active

Is any of this achievable? Right now I tried launching a launch file with one of the defined machines offline and the procedure stopped completely.


$ roslaunch project.launch
   (search for machines, found 1 through 3)
    ||\_ machine.launch (on machine 1)
    ||       |||
    ||       ||\_ laser
    ||       |\__ motors/odometry
    ||       \___ amcl
    |\__ machine.launch (on machine 2)
    \___ machine.launch (on machine 3)
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have you been able to get it to work?

Vinh K gravatar image Vinh K  ( 2015-09-25 13:38:32 -0500 )edit