Can't install ros_tutorials [closed]

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I'm just starting out with ROS, and I'm trying to install fuerte in Debian.

I finished the installation with just the ROS-base installation (which I later found out had been moved on to a new location).

Now I'm trying to install ROS tutorials to run turtlesim as a test, and I can't seem to do it! I cloned ros_tutorials from, and I ran rosmake on turtlesim, which worked. However, when I try to run turtlesim using rosrun, it can't seem to find it. Any help?

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Posting exact commands you ran at the commandline will be helpful. Also could you post the output of "env|grep ROS"?

jbinney gravatar image jbinney  ( 2013-01-12 11:55:01 -0500 )edit