sporadic dynamic plugin loading error (rospack) [closed]

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I am using the pluginlib for dynamically load components in my nodes. It has been working perfectly during months. However last weeks I've got sporadic errors during the dynamic loading (the rospack library complains as it weren't working properly). Then it fails loading the component. The most interesting point is that if I reboot the system it works again (wow!). It sounds like an specific problem of my computer but in any case.. Anyone more with this problem?

This is the error log (the 3 first info messages are is my from code). I'm using ROS Fuerte.

[ INFO] [1358007778.201420276, 0.845000000]: == Initializing Navigation Node ==
[ INFO] [1358007778.201492772, 0.845000000]: == Loading Dynamically Specified Components ==
[ INFO] [1358007778.202724420, 0.845000000]: Trying to load dynamically a new state estimation component: rtcus_navigation/default_nonholonomic_DynamicState2D_Twist2D. 

[rospack] Warning: failed to execute backquote expression ret="/opt/ros/rtc-us-ros-pkg/trunk/rtcus_mobile_robots/rtcus_navigation/plugins.xml" && echo $ret in /opt/ros/rtc-us-ros-pkg/trunk/rtcus_mobile_robots/rtcus_navigation/manifest.xml: Cannot allocate memory
[librospack]: error while executing command

This is the source code if required: http://rtc-us-ros-pkg.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rtc-us-ros-pkg/trunk/rtcus_mobile_robots/rtcus_navigation/include/rtcus_navigation/impl/navigationnode_component_dynamic_load.h?revision=337&view=markup">http://rtc-us-ros-pkg.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rtc-us-ros-pkg/trunk/rtcus_mobile_robots/rtcus_navigation/include/rtcus_navigation/impl/navigationnode_component_dynamic_load.h?revision=337&view=markup

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