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q: how about installing groovy from source on debian

a: following ubuntu based source install on

** install ros/groovy on debian


  1. install rosdep via pip ros/wiki/rosdep
  2. install wstool via pip ros/wiki/wstool
  3. add python-qwt5-qt4, pydot for debian to python.yaml:
  4. checkinstall collada-dom from 2.4 tarball as collada-dom-dev
  5. add debian collada-dom to base.yaml
  6. rosdep satisfied

running catkin_make_isolated

  1. opencv2 is always remade
  2. /home/x75/ros_catkin_ws/install_isolated/lib/ is missing in polled_camera $ vim CMakeFiles/polled_camera.dir/link.txt
  3. pcl segfaults with parallel make (e.g. -j2), do standalone make in build dir, then rerun catkin

rosmake -a

  • builds 101 of 103 packages, then bails out at simple_navigation_goals_tutorial
  • at which point i could run my stuff, regardless
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Cool, thx. Maybe you or someone else can write this up at

KruseT gravatar image KruseT  ( 2013-01-10 12:34:08 -0500 )edit

I just ran into similar problems trying to compile it on the RasPi. How can I tell it not to rebuild opencv2? Only this package takes about 7 hours to compile :(

kalectro gravatar image kalectro  ( 2013-01-10 15:49:33 -0500 )edit