Using new laserscan source for costmap [closed]

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Hi, I am trying to do gazebo simulation using erratic robot. Currently, I have been trying to use a new source of laserscan as the observation sources for costmap. The new source of laserscan are converted from pointcloud2. However, after using the new laserscan source, it seems that the map building speed slow down a lot.

When I launch the robot in an empty world, it would appears that map is not build. What I meant by this is, normally when the map is being generated on rviz, we could see portion of the map changing to a lighter shade, but for my case, this does not happen. So i guess that the costmap can't work with the new laserscan source.After doing a rostopic echo, I am sure that the new laserscan source is publishing data.

In short, to make use of a new observation source for costmap, is it sufficient to just change the costmap parameters? Or are there other parameter files that i must change?

Thanks in advance!

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