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reading information for a specific gazebo model

asked 2012-12-01 05:18:52 -0600

schizzz8 gravatar image

updated 2012-12-02 05:36:02 -0600

SL Remy gravatar image

hi, I'm using gazebo for simulating a quadrotor, in this world there's a plane, a light point and the quadrotor so when I type "rostopic echo /gazebo/model_states" I get pose and twist for all the models. Can someone tell me the right command to get pose and twist just for the quadrotor???

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-12-01 21:57:34 -0600

Last time I looked into this, you could either get all model states via the "/gazebo/model_states" topic (as you suggested) or use the "/gazebo/get_model_state" service as described here, if you need information for a specific model. This service-based method probably isn't the nicest option if you have to retrieve the state at high updates rates, though.

If you're using the hector_quadrotor stack for simulation you're in luck though, as the ground truth pose is already provided on the "/ground_truth/state" topic through the use of the "" plugin. Corresponding gazebo xacro file here (at the bottom).

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Asked: 2012-12-01 05:18:52 -0600

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