Converting URDF to SDF 1.0 in fuerte? [closed]

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I have a URDF robot model with old, pre-SDF 1.0 gazebo configuration for controllers, used with Fuerte. It gets loaded into Gazebo using spawn_model as usual, from a param named "robot_description".

I would like however to re-write the Gazebo controller configuration to use SDF 1.0, but it seems like I need the document element of the model XML to be "gazebo", with a version="1.0" attribute to get Gazebo to treat it as a SDF file, rather as a legacy confug.

Is there some official way of transforming the non-gazebo-specific parts of the URDF to SDF 1.0 at run-time? I'd essentially like to read the value of the "robot_description" param and write its equivalent SDF into a another param so it can be subsequently loaded using spawn_model.

Note I don't expect it to convert the legacy Gazebo config, just the URDF parts.

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