Stopping simulation during computations / model swings up [closed]

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I am using the update event mechanism to trigger my computations of additional forces in Gazebo, and I call the following line in the load function of my controller (which isn't really a controller, rather does compute simplified aerodynamics for a small blimp):

  this->update_connection_ = event::Events::ConnectWorldUpdateStart(
      boost::bind(&Blimp_FlightMechanics::UpdateChild, this));

In the UpdateChild() method, I am doing all the computational stuff. This takes some time, I used ros::WallTime to determine it. The problem is, I first read some model states, and then I do my math. When I want to apply the forces and torques, which can be seen as a response of the current model state, then some time is gone and the response isn't valid anymore. This effect swings up my model and leads to instability.

My question is: can I stop the simulation, read in the necessary state information, do the math, set the forces and then run the simulation again, until the next event alls my method UpdateChild()? I guess, the answer is "yes", but I didn't found the programmatic tools to do so.

EDIT: I tried the command ros::Duration(sleep_time).sleep(), but when using that, the simulation stops completely.

EDIT2: Using the command common::Time::MSleep(2) works for now. But maybe some workaround for switching the simulation "off" and "on" again does exist anyway?

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